Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Blooming Tuesday {Blushing Brides}

We are back from vacation with some good and bad news. While on vacation my cell phone and personal belongings were stolen. If anyone tried to contact me during the duration of the 5th-14th you know that my phone was shut off. We apologize for the inconvenience and would ask that you try contacting Branches again.

The good news is we are back up and running with our usual Tuesday post.

Blushing Brides

A member of the Protea family, the Blushing Bride flowers in spring and produces a papery white petal, or floral leaf, that surrounds a feathery tuft of white to pinkish flower. They come in limited colors of white or pink. 
It is thought that this plant received its name because of its traditional use in bridal bouquets in South Africa. 

This flower has such versatility and can be used in any scheme, whether you are hosting a country chic wedding or a would like to take a more traditional approach.
 I HIGHLY reccomend this unique creature!!!

photo credit: The Knot, JL designs

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  1. Have always loved these and wanted to use them when in season. So feminine! Thanks for your post Amanda:)