Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Blooming Tuesday {Anemone}


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The story behind the anemone flower’s name is a sad one. The name comes from Greek and roughly translates into “windflower”. It is said in Greek Mythology that the anemone flower sprang up from the blood of Aphrodite’s slain lover, Adonis. The name “windflower” signifies that the wind that blows the petal open will also, eventually, blow the dead petals away.
Anemone's are known for their unique black centers. They come in a variety colors, ranging from classic black and white to purple and black. These little lovelies can work for ANY type of event. Bring them in for your classic black tie event or your casual style backyard wedding.

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  1. The image of the Anemone is absolutely lovely. With your permission, I'd like to use it in a post that I'm creating for a Blog Hop. =) It ties in with a Flash Fiction piece that I wrote for the event. I'll hyperlink the image to your blog. =)
    Thank you!