Friday, June 24, 2011

Amanda's Sundance Wedding

This wedding was B-E-A-Utiful. Amanda and Rowland were married on what started off to be a cold but sunny day in April and they ended their reception with a light snow fall. Utah weather is unbelievable but sure makes for good pictures! All the beautiful images are courtesy of Camilla Photography

Amanda has the best style. Her dress was nothing like i have ever seen before. She custom designed it herself. I seriously LOVED it so much! 

Her bridesmaids were the best dressed girls I have ever seen. Dont you love these dresses with the delicate lace?!

For the centerpieces we used two different types of vases. Half the tables were adorned by these tall tapered vases and the other half were small footed bowls filled with numerous full blooms. 

Photo taken by Branches

photo taken by Branches

 I think my wedding might look something like this if I were to get married again. 

Photography: Camilla Photography
Dress: Penelope

Flowers used: Two types of peonies, Liliac, Viburnum, ranuculus, cherry blossoms, double tulips, astilbe, stock, hydrangea, garden roses, sweet pea and salal. 


  1. Stunning, as usual! I love how the flowers have so many different colors, but together create a wonderful glow of pinks and whites.

  2. I love the ribbon wrap on this bouquet! If you don't mind me asking, how did you do it? Sew it?

    Kristie @ Pretty Poppy Floral