Monday, December 6, 2010

Spring in Winter

A few pics from Andrea's bridals bouquet along with a little floral insight.

As I was discussing with Andrea and her fiance- the different types of flowers in her color palate, we came across tulips. Andreas Loves Tulips. Me being pretty knowledgeable in flowers and their peek seasons, I explained that though they would be a little more expensive, we would still be able to get tulips. This made Andrea very happy, as she was told by a previous florist that tulips are not available in December and her dream of yellow tulips would have to be replaced by an alternate bloom.

So here is the lesson:
People- hire a Professional Florist! A pro florist will have a plethora of knowledge just waiting to be accessed. They will know the season, color and types of flowers that fit appropriately with your theme and will know which blooms can be substituted in cases of unavailability due to season changes. Tulips are usually a spring flowers but available all year long. Crucial info for a florist don't you think?
Take for instance the peony...... awe the peony!!! Peonies are on of my personal favs but as we know only grace our presence in late April through mid June. So what to do when that bride just has to have a large bloom with ruffles and a heavenly scent- enter a Professional Florist here. A pro wold know that garden roses have 2 out of the 3 characteristics of a peony and are at our disposal all year long. 

Luckily for Andrea we crossed paths and we were able to incorporate her favorite flower for her big day.  

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