Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Today's images come from the super-duper uber talented Dustin Izatt with Dustin Izatt Photography!!!
His work never disappoints and to top it off he is the nicest guy as well !!!

Here are the awesome images of this past weekends bridal show at The Canterbury Place.
I was privileged enough to design all the floral pieces for their dining room area. Six unique centerpieces along with two buffet pieces. And don't forget my booth as well!

I LOVE set tables. There is nothing more classy then shining flatware and glistening glasses!

My Booth
I wanted something that was sleek and something that you didn't see everyday. Its hard to tell but we used various cylinder vases with coordinating colored water. Atop the vase was a black manzanita branches adorned with hanging crystals and red feathers!

This was my favorite piece. Pictures just don't do it justice!

Yours truly :O)

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  1. wow amanda you just keep getting more and more talented!! great work