Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Blooming Tuesday

As a florist I struggle trying to get Brides to think outside the "gerber daisy" box. After long thought and reflection, I came to the conculsion that Brides dont have the proper knowledge of flowers to make an informed decision and gerber daisy's is one of the most common flowers they know. So I will take it upon myself to burst the "gerber daisy" bubble and inform my brides of just how many better options there are out there. 
In order to help brides better recognize the vastly large amount of blooms that are available to them...we have come up with an informative weekly segment called 
Blooming Tuesdays

Each Tuesday we will compose a new post on a unique bloom. These posts will include which season the bud will be available as well as a tips on flower care. This week we will focus on the:


With Valentines Day's just around the corner we thought why not give some insight into alternate varieties of roses. The rose is available all year long and one of the most traditional and classic flowers available. The rose comes in numerous colors and shades. Some varieties that our readers may not be familiar with are the garden rose and spray roses.

The spray rose. Perfect with its tiny little ruffles and delicate demeanour. The spray rose comes on a single stem with 3-5 heads per stem.

The garden rose. Most varieties are vary fragrant and  resemble a peony with their large open heads and and large petal count. Some of my favs for sure but be prepare to pay. These blooms are more expensive than the reglaur stemed rose by almost double. 

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