Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Rant or Rave? Utah Wedding Florist

While browsing Pinterest the other day, I came upon this image featured on a segment from Brides.com. Some of you may remember it from this shoot.
See the feature here

Wedding Bouquet Wrapped with a Glitter Ribbon

First thought that came to mind was WOW! How great is this? My work featured in a VERY reputable wedding blogazine. But just as quickly as I was filled with joy, anger hit me like a ton of bricks. Some of you may be thinking- "Why?"  Well my friends, I had no idea that this feature was even mentioned. Bragging rights are huge for wedding vendors. Being able to show the world that we have accomplished something print worthy is why we work so hard to bring beautiful products. It's the satisfaction of knowing our hard work has paid off!

Lately, I find more and more images of beautiful weddings and stunning bouquets that have no mention of the talent behind them. The photographer is noted, the wedding gown and even the location are noted in the publications. So why not the designer of the florals? Flowers can MAKE or BREAK a wedding. Without the hard work of your local floral designer, the photos that are being plastered over the Internet would lack color, depth and beauty. Now I am not saying that florals make every photo because I am not. Photography is it's own art; an art that I truly respect and admire. All I am saying is that while your photo is beautiful, I would like also like mention for my art as well.

If you are going to use my art as your feature, please give me a heads up so that I am able to share the beauty with my friends and followers, as well as help promote the feature. A win, win for all involved.

Photography: Rebekah Westover
Location: St Regis Park City

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear that! I pin from from wedding sites all the time, and it's so annoying when I have to manually type in the florist, or worse, track down a florist, when (like you said) the photographer, dress designer, etc. are all cited.