Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fall Wedding Inspiration Shoot- Utah Wedding Florist

As of late, I have strayed away from doing inspiration shoots. They have become a dime a dozen. A tool that was once used to give inspiration and original ideas to brides, has become an overused and overplayed marketing tool. On average, a photoshoot for a florist/event designer costs around $500-$600 in florals and decor. A hefty price to pay for a a few hours, so you can see why I've chosen to be picky with whom I share my talents with.
 Now I love a great inspiration shoot just as much as the next person. It's a way for us artist to construct something from the soul. No restrictions, no boundaries. Plus we get amazing photos out of the deal. 

This past month I was asked by a dear photographer friend Jessica White to participate in an inspiration shoot. I've worked with Jessica before so I knew that being a part of this shoot would be a great opportunity for Branches. Boy was I right! I absolutely LOVED the freedom she gave me and I think that shows through the designs. This shoot was one of my favorites ever! I love fall so naturally I found it near to my heart.

Enjoy the inspiration!

We chose to adorn the arbor with a fresh salal garland and placed large blooms of antique hydrangea, hanging amaranthus and peach spray roses. It added a softness to the piece and the texture it needed.

Our chosen palate was one of peach, wine, raspberry, pear and moss with touches of gold. All yummy fall favorites. 

For the florals, I kept things very textural and bold. I used giant peach amaryllis, pampass grass, tulips, spray roses, raspberry branches, pepperberry, astilbe, antique hydrangea, garden roses, amaranthus and begonia leaf. We accented the table with gilded apples, peaches and fresh pears. MMMM!

We kept the cake fairly simple with a single accent. We then placed a plethora of feathers at the base of the cake which was one of our favorite pieces. 


The arbor and tables are for rent, so if you like this look and live local to the Salt Lake/Provo areas, contact Lisa White at 801-368-5472

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  1. It's a stunning shoot, wow! That's so interesting to know about the cost. I've always loved seeing shoots because I love seeing what florists can do with a blank slate, but now I'll appreciate them even more!